OcG Rules and Policy

Here at the OcG Gaming Community, we have a very relaxed set of rules. We're known for our laid back gaming, and rules although there are a few that hate the relaxed rules. Some people have been forgetting that philosophy that we have, so we decided to come up with some rules and policies for everyone to be able to check back to from time to time so they can refresh their memory.

No Hacking
No Griefing
No EXCESSIVE mic spam
Use Common Sense
Don't disrespect OcG
Support OcG in all Sponsored Games
In addition to the general rules above, each server has a different set of rules depending on the game mode, please type in chat @rules to see them in game.

We are a Gaming COMMUNITY. We will always be a community and will always try to expand to as many members as possible to try to create a fun gaming environment for all. Please do realize that we will always be gaining members, and there will be times when you might not know everybody. Some people make that out to be a bad thing, but it's a part of the gaming community atmosphere. So if you are looking to become an OcG Member, you must understand and realize that things will constantly be changing in the community. If you don't like the constant growth of the community than it might be best to look for a clan to be a part of as we look to connect with as many players as possible.
We also are big on being able to use your freedom of speech. We will not sit in our servers and police them for people saying bad words. If one "offensive" word is going to not be allowed then every offensive word will not be allowed. And honestly, just sitting in the server policing it is no fun for us and doesn't allow anyone to enjoy the game. If people get out of hand we do ask them to calm down. If people join the server, and not following our simple list of rules on top of using every word known to man, then we will kick and/or ban the person who is causing the problems. If an issue truly does arise you can always contact an admin to take care of the situation. There are ways to contact us through the servers as well, so please make use of that feature if you ever need to contact us!

*Rules and Policy are subject to change at any given time*